Bystronic Refurbished Machines

Bystronic Refurbished Machines

Solutions for every budget

Very often our customers require a high-quality laser cutting system, but only have a limited budget at their disposal. Bystronic has the solution: A refurbished machine offers an excellent compromise and also provides the reliability of a professionally performed general overhaul.

High quality

Bystronic stands for outstanding quality. This claim also applies to its secondhand machines. During the general overhaul of the laser cutting system, it is upgraded with the latest components. The refurbishment process is based on extensive know-how and uses only original spare parts. A refurbished machine undergoes rigorous quality inspections and therefore fulfils Bystronic's high quality standard.

Fast delivery times

Refurbished secondhand machines are available even at short notice. Additional machines can be provided within very short delivery periods. Bystronic's project engineers are committed to always meeting deadlines and delivery times.

Full service

Bystronic offers buyers of a refurbished secondhand machine the full service and upon request, the same training program as when purchasing a new machine. In addition, all refurbished machines are provided with the latest operating and safety documents.

Comprehensive warranty

The warranty for a refurbished laser cutting system covers the entire system and goes beyond the replaced spare parts. Thus, for secondhand machines, Bystronic offers the same warranty framework as for new machines.

Available machines

Please note: The photos are similar to the actual model. Not all machines are suitable for all markets.


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