New features
New features
Bystronic ignites the next level of performance in the ByStar Fiber fiber laser system.
Speed and constant quality
Speed and constant quality
The new Bystronic cutting head accurately adjusts the laser beam according to material and sheet thickness.

Laser Cutting at warp speed

October 2016


Bystronic enhances the ByStar Fiber fiber laser with new features. A brand new 10 kilowatt laser accelerates the cutting process at breathtaking speeds.

What is faster than 4, 6, and 8 kilowatts? Quite simply: warp speed. For those who want to be at the forefront of fiber laser cutting, Bystronic now equips the ByStar Fiber fiber laser system with a 10 kilowatt laser This primarily provides users with one benefit: speed, speed, and even more speed. And suppliers that are fast lead the race for the best conditions for cutting jobs. This is how competition in the laser cutting business works: be as fast as possible and deliver high quality.

The cutting speeds of the ByStar Fiber with the 10 kilowatt unit increase by up to 4 times compared to the industry standard equivalent 4 kilowatt fiber lasers. This allows users to cut four times as many parts from sheet metal in the same amount of time as the majority of their competitors. The greatest benefits allow users to process material from 0.8 to 12 millimeters thickness. Even in higher sheet thicknesses up to 30 millimeters, the 10 kilowatt fiber laser goes full steam ahead of it’s own accord.

New cutting head with Spot Control

High cutting speeds alone cannot help you achieve your goal. For constant machining quality, high laser power must be optimally integrated in the cutting process. Therefore, in addition to the new 10 kilowatt laser, the ByStar Fiber is also equipped with a new cutting head. Bystronic developed and designed this cutting head themselves. Thus, this new cutting technology differs from what the many other suppliers are offering on the market. Swiss expertise is the driving force here.

The ByStar Fiber cuts stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and mild steel, in thin to thick material thicknesses. To always achieve the best cutting quality in this broad mix of materials, the cutting head must flexibly adapt the cutting process to the changing material and its properties. And do so automatically, without operator intervention. For this to work, Bystronic integrated the Spot Control function into the cutting head.

This newly developed function configures the laser beam. Spot Control accurately adjusts the focal point of the laser beam according to sheet thickness and material. As a result, the ByStar Fiber always achieves optimal machining quality in varying sheet thicknesses and cutting materials – and does so at warp speed.


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