10 kilowatts: Our customers report

10 kilowatts: Our customers report

November 2017

Highest cutting speeds, a wide processing spectrum and a strong overall performance. These are reasons why users choose the 10 kilowatt ByStar Fiber from Bystronic. Here, customers report on their experiences with the fiber laser cutting system.

Kurt Forster AG

Kurt Forster AG is a successful family-owned company in Berneck, Switzerland. As a sheet metal processing job shop, the company relies on a wide processing spectrum and fast production processes. The 10 kilowatt ByStar Fiber 3015 plays a central role in this strategy. Bystronic’s fiber laser cutting system has been in operation here since the summer of 2017. The company upgraded the cutting system with the ByTrans Extended 3015 automated loading and unloading system.

This combination of a 10 kilowatt fiber laser and automation has enabled Kurt Forster AG to increase its process speed in the field of laser cutting by up to a factor of four. Moreover, the ByStar Fiber opens up an expanded range of materials. It covers mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, right through to non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass. And all this in sheet thicknesses from 0.8 to 30 millimeters.

Metalltechnik Göbel GmbH

A modern production environment with fast workflows and a high processing quality. This is the secret to the success of Metalltechnik Göbel GmbH in Dippoldiswalde, Germany. To achieve this, the job shop relies on the 10 kilowatt laser performance of a ByStar Fiber 4020 and the matching automation solution ByTrans Extended 4020. The high-performance package from Bystronic increases the company’s production speed and diversity. A decisive advantage in the competition for customer orders. Another real advantage comes from the comparably low operating costs of the automated fiber laser in comparison to conventional CO2 laser cutting systems.

When required, Metalltechnik Göbel GmbH also uses the 4020 format ByStar Fiber to process sheet metal parts that are larger than the standard 3015 format. This enables the company to cater for special customer requests. However, the 4020 format is also excellently suited for small parts. Four-by-two-meter metal sheets allow these parts to be nested optimally. This reduces the material offcuts of valuable raw materials.

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