Wide selection.
Wide selection.
Christopher Glatz finds the suitable bending solution for every customer.
Tools plus data.
Tools plus data.
For every tool Bystronic also supplies the relevant bending data.
Perfect bending results.
Perfect bending results.
A press brake is only as precise as the tool allows.

Bending tools: The original or a copy?

December 2015


Only a tool that fits precisely enables perfect bending results. This is why many customers appreciate the benefits of original tools from Bystronic.

To achieve high-quality bending results, customers require not only a powerful press brake, but also the suitable bending tools. Hence, in addition to a broad selection of press brakes, Bystronic also offers the appropriate tools.

Christopher Glatz is sales manager for bending tools at Bystronic Germany. He advises his customers to use original tools from Bystronic. "Using the right tool is crucial," he emphasizes. In his opinion Bystronic's originals offer many benefits. For example, the relevant import data for the press brake's software that Bystronic supplies for each tool.

Upon request, Bystronic also supports customers with the individual matching of press brake and bending tools. For example, when a job involves bending special parts. "In response to special customer requests, we also modify tools from our standard range. And if even this doesn't lead to a solution, we manufacture a special tool," Christopher Glatz explains.

Learn more about Bystronic's bending tools in BystronicWorld 4.2015.

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