Bystronic strong in Vietnam

Bystronic strong in Vietnam

May 2018

Sheet metal processing companies in Southeast Asia are growing with Bystronic technology. Hence, Bystronic is expanding its local infrastructure in Vietnam for all aspects relating to consulting, sales, and customer services for state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of laser cutting, bending, and automation.

The sheet metal processing industry in Southeast Asia is developing rapidly. Here too, an increasing number of users are relying on technologies such as the fiber laser, automation, and suitable bending solutions. In order to provide its customers with even better support for their manufacturing processes, Bystronic is strengthening its sales and service structures in the Southeast Asia market region. Recently, Bystronic enhanced its local presence here with the opening of an additional subsidiary in Vietnam.

Bystronic Vietnam held the official opening ceremony for the new subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City in April. In addition to sales and service areas, the new subsidiary also boasts a demo center, where Bystronic provides its customers with advice during live demonstrations in the fields of laser cutting, bending, and software.

Thus, Bystronic now offers its customers in Vietnam two local points of contact for the consulting, sales, and service relating to state-of-the-art sheet metal processing technologies at its business locations in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

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