Bystronic unveils new press brake in China

Bystronic unveils new press brake in China

September 2018

World première at the Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show (MWCS) in Shanghai: Here, for the very first time, Bystronic presented the new Xpress. The press brake offers concentrated bending technology at an entry-level price. Bystronic is thus enabling a new customer segment to access high-quality bending equipment.

Suspense was high on September 19 on the Bystronic booth at the MWCS in Shanghai: You Song, President of Bystronic Group China, unveiled the new press brake for the very first time: “The Xpress opens up a new customer segment and offers a comprehensive range of bending technology at an entry-level price. With the newly developed bending machine, users gain a quick and obstacle-free entry into the world of bending.”

Simple to operate and easy to put into operation – this is how Bystronic is offering innovative bending technology for a new target group. Thanks to the Xpress, small job shops, family enterprises, and medium-sized companies gain an edge in the competition for orders. They can rely on high-quality equipment and thus produce a wide variety of bent parts in-house instead of having to subcontract them at high cost.

The Xpress will initially be available to customers in China. It will thus support a growing sheet metal processing market. In China, the demand for new technologies is increasing. Many producers rely on manufacturing solutions that allow sheet metal parts to be processed as efficiently as possible without forfeiting quality. It is precisely these requirements that the Xpress meets in the field of bending technology. The modular design with a range of tool clamping and backgauge systems enables customized adaptation to the manufacturing environment. At the MWCS in China, the visitors were able to experience first-hand how this works.

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